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 Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE

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PostSubject: Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE   Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:11 pm


I won't bore you with all the details... let's just say I've learned more about "copyright law," "fair use law," "derivative work law," "ApologetiX's stance on parody" and "The Supreme Court's ruling in Favor of 2 Live Crew's Parody of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman"  than I ever wanted to know!  

I'm not sure yet... I have more prayer and research to do---but I MIGHT end up releasing STORM THE GATES exclusively at -- (I.e. not iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Etc....  We'll see.  The "Mainline" distributors seem very leery of parody lawsuits...  My conscience is clear and I'm positive my songs qualify as legal parodies--but the distributors make a difficult to "release parodies"...   So--just pray that God will guide me LOUDLY and CLEARLY.

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE   Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:12 am

I think we'll all be understanding of that.  And the distributors are just in CYA mode most of the time anyway  Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE   Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:59 am

Have you thought about using Roxx or Retroactive or maybe even Tate Music Group that I released my last Mission Of One CD through?


I might have decided, or maybe not, that I should or shouldn't, depending on the issue or non-issue, to possibly share or not share, any thoughts, opinions, or facts (that might not be deemed factual by some), due to possible fear of any misinterpretation or retribution.
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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE   Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:40 am

Thanks so much Alldat.... I may yet explore those options...

But I was encouraged by my latest corresponance with CD Baby.  I will definitely keep this email on file!  Very Happy


I took advantage of the awesome deal CD Baby offered in Feb... $29/album!  I set my release date for July 4, 2016 and got to work entering my album info... I got a little confused when I tried to enter "song-writer/publisher" info---because my project is a Christian Parody album of Classic 80s metal songs--according to my research--parodies are "fair use" and do not require licenses, etc. but, when I called CD Baby to enquire about the best way to enter my info for a parody--the CD Baby rep (in a very nice way) told me that I can't release my parody songs as "fair use"... that I have to secure a mechanical license and permission from publishers... So.... If this is CD Baby's policy--I totally respect that... and I'll just release this album through my own website... because I'm 100% confident that my songs are

parodies and not derivative works..."


Hi Brad,
Thanks for reaching out! Parodies actually are a special case, and, typically, you can release parodies without securing the rights from a publisher. Of course, there is some legal grey area there, so you would want to do some research to make sure your content does not infringe on anyone's rights.
You absolutely do NOT need a mechanical license, as a mechanical license would not cover that type of use.
For our purposes, you'll just need to mark any parody songs as "cover songs", and then enter the names of the original songwriters and publishers.
To find that information, you can search Harry Fox's public database:

Hope that helps! Have a great weekend Smile
James W.
Digital Inspector
CD Baby Artist Services

James did go on to say I could also reserve my "album slot" for a future (original) release if I chose.  But I was greatly encouraged by his response---and plan to follow his advice.  Yeaaa God!  Thaks for your support and prayers.
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PostSubject: Re: Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE   

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Pastor Brad "Storm The Gates" UPDATE
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