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PostSubject: Re: BEYOND THE GATES - STOLEN BY RUSSIAN HACKERS!!   Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:20 am

Recent interview with Gene Simmons. Normally I don't pay attention to what ole Gene says but I guess this one makes some sense:

On another KISS record:
When and if it's the right time, i would wanna figure out a different business model because i refuse to stick it on clouds and shmouds and all this stuff where it's just like a puff of smoke that's gone, i want to feel, i want to see the art, i wanna feel the thing in my hand, i refuse to play by a broken down system that in a lot of ways is highway robbery, the artist, by the way it doesn't affect me,. I'm a rich son of a b**h and all that okay okay okay, the new little baby bands, how do they earn a living? How do you write your songs and, how'd you quit your day job and really do this full time? You can't.
It's crazy because the fans refuse to pay money for the records, and that means you're killing the new bands, you're killing them , you're not giving them the next elvis or elton or whoever you think is great, a chance. We had a lot of chance, we had record companies, they gave us millions and we could tour and do all that stuff, new bands have to go back to living in their mother's basement. Thatís unfortunate.
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PostSubject: Re: BEYOND THE GATES - STOLEN BY RUSSIAN HACKERS!!   Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:56 pm

ishmael81 wrote:

A second point is this - about a month ago, someone stole my lunch out of the fridge in our breakroom. I was really mad. It was 3 days until pay day and I had lunch to last that time but no money to go buy what was stolen. Then I thought (or maybe, the Spirit prompted me) "Maybe the person that stole it needs it more than I do." So maybe the people that pirated your music need to hear it and something good will still come of it.

That's what I was thinking too. These things happen and our first response is always outrage, anger and such, but after that knee-jerk reaction quietens down, we can see the bigger picture. It IS a huge loss (for me in particular because music is my bread and butter whereas John has a full time job), but there are more important things than money. If the album speaks to one person, then we're happy about that, even if it came to them through pirated music.

There was a story in the news down here that was similar to yours. A woman stole the clothes and blankets off someone's clothesline. One of the blankets stolen had sentimental value because the blanket belonged to a baby who had died. The mother was in the paper pleading with the thief to return the blanket. The thief, also a mother, experienced such remorse from what she had done. She returned the blanket with profuse apologies and tears. After some prompting it was discovered that the thieving mother was destitute and she had no way of providing for her child. The outpouring of goodwill to the family was massive. The blanket was exchanged for a less sentimental one and the community gave her clothes and housewares. It was a beautiful thing.
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