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 King James Only Discussion

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PostSubject: Re: King James Only Discussion   Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:59 pm

I just noticed that Mike In Frost Like Ashes likes the NLT. Me too.

I actually spent some time about a year ago studying the different translations and how they are written. The NLT is a "thought by thought" translation from the original Hebrew and Koine, rather than a word by word (like the Amplified, which I use for clarification).

What's interesting about this is most other translations use the Textus Receptus or the Septuagint - in other words, they translate from a translation.

On a side note, I have some items in my Amazon list to learn Koine Greek... I'm so excited.
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PostSubject: Re: King James Only Discussion   Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:28 pm

I really don't like the way some KJO folk seem to point the finger at people.  I don't think that's what we should do, although they would give a scripture to explain why they think it's a good idea!  Still, I do get a lot of thought provoking things said from the KJO crowd, and a good deal of it makes sense to me.

I kind of like what Kent Hovind said (and he's KJO) about the things he talks about.
He said 'pick out the meat and spit out the bones' in regards to what he said.  He said if you didn't want to use some of the things he said in talking to non-christians or debating someone, then that's fine.  It's about winning souls to Christ, and nothing more.

So the way I do it is I read NIV mainly and a bit of NKJV and a tiny bit of KJV and I listen to both sides of the 'argument' with some degree of interest.

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King James Only Discussion
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