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 Here it is -- The CRUSH Album Release Party - Enjoy!

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PostSubject: Here it is -- The CRUSH Album Release Party - Enjoy!   Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:36 am

The CRUSH Album Release Party is a celebration of 80s Christian Rock / Metal Music!  This is my 16th full-length Pastor Brad album!  Ten brand new Christian metal songs all designed to Rock You Up for Jesus!  It’s a celebration—I hope you enjoy it!

0 Intro & Welcome
1 Crush (2:22)
2 Get Away (7:28)
3 Holding Me Together (14:06)
4 Mean Machine (18:25)
5 Mighty Fortress (23:29)
6 Your Love (28:03)
7 My Jesus (34:34)
8 Rip Tide (40:43)
9 I’m In You (45:45)
10 Coming Home (50:38)

Grab a cup of coffee or a snack and settle in for nearly an hour of inspiration and head-banging praise, worship and testimony!  Prepare to be CRUSHED by an onslaught of love, grace, encouragement, blessing, challenge and faith building truth!

Be sure to visit and subscribe to the Pastor Brad Rocks YouTube Channel today at:
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Here it is -- The CRUSH Album Release Party - Enjoy!
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