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 Jim's Music Sale 2016 to 2017

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PostSubject: Jim's Music Sale 2016 to 2017   Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:11 pm

I've reached a point with my chronic health problem where I can no longer work and have been forced onto disability.
This is obviously a financial strain for me, and has caused me to clear out my music collection of albums that are either duplicates, or that I no longer listen to.
Your purchases will help me out considerably. Thank you so much for shopping !

I have this link at about 7 different sites, and whoever posts first, scores first. I will check all FB sites about twice per day, so if it takes a while to respond, please understand that my life is crazy and it may take a little time.
Again, multiple purchases will bring your total down some.

Paypal Only.
No sales outside of USA (Sorry, but I cannot afford it).
No returns (you should have no reason to need to, as all items are graded to the best of my ability).
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PostSubject: Re: Jim's Music Sale 2016 to 2017   Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:24 pm

Molly Hatchet . s/t ($2)
Daniel Amos . s/t  (2)

Guns & Roses . Appetite For Destruction (2)
Project 86 . Rival Factions (2)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Soundtrack (5)

That's $13, plus $3 to ship the vinyl and $5 to ship the CDs. Once you confirm we have a deal I'll PP you the $$.
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Jim's Music Sale 2016 to 2017
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