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 Pastor Brad Rocks Podcast October 2016

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PostSubject: Pastor Brad Rocks Podcast October 2016   Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:22 pm

The PB Rocks 80s Christian Rock / Metal Music Podcast is a colossal serving of 80s style Jesus-honoring melodic metal music, bible teaching and edification for your walk with Christ! In this episode, I share FOUR more tracks from my 2004 release, “Out Of The Hellhole” – Sound The Alarm, Saga, City Streets & Crazy—Each of these songs delivers a musical punch & spiritual message guaranteed to Rock You Up! Oh how we need to hear the alarm and awaken fully in Christ & fight the good fight of faith! We are in a battle and this song is a call to arms! Saga is a musical message of encouragement to hang tough with Jesus and to remember that in Christ we are victorious! City Streets is a redeemed song of rebellion. In its original form it was a garage-band anthem of revolt against authority—but after God’s Spirit took up residence in my heart and filled me with an attitude of joy and peace in Him—this song was re-envisioned as an metal hymn proclaiming Christ’s call to every believer to shine for Him loud and proud in the world! And finally, CRAZY is another song from my garage-band days that was originally about sticking it to “the man” – but under the influence of the Holy Spirit it blossomed into a song celebrating God’s good gift of hard-rock music to the world!  Enjoy!

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Pastor Brad Rocks Podcast October 2016
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