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 Star Trek actor dies

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PostSubject: Star Trek actor dies   Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:09 pm

Anton Yelchin, who played Chekhov in the reboot series:

Not that any character is easily replaced, or that anyone's death is trivial, but at least it was not Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock) of Karl Urban (McCoy).

What is the most disturbing about it is the manner in which he died. It wasn't a collision, but a freak accident when he was completely by himself (see the article). One can't help but wonder if he lived for a while, and was conscious. I think that is what would trouble me the most: knowing you are trapped and cannot get out on your own, that your only hope is if someone comes along and discovers you before it's too late. Come to think of it though, if a Believer is in that position he'd have some really high quality time with God.

Fun fact (related but not): Anton Yelchin played Pavel Chekhov, not to be confused with Anton Chekhov, the Russian playwrite.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Trek actor dies   Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:11 pm

Serious bummer, what a crummy way to die.

I think his character brought a lot of comic relief to the Star Trek movies, I wonder of they replace him with a different actor for future films or write the Chekov character out of the franchise.

He also stared in the title roll of the film "Odd Thomas".  Quirky film that was pretty decent and had an even better book series (by Dean Koontz).

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PostSubject: Re: Star Trek actor dies   Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:13 pm

Seeing that CBS is bringing Star Trek to its subscription based tv service, many think that they are signalling that Trek is better off on television than on the big screen.  Unless this movie is a huge blockbuster, they could decide to pull the plug anyway as these are expensive movies to produce.  They don't attract the audience that Star Wars and The Avengers do.

I hate it that we've lost a member of the reboot cast.  It was a tragic way to die.

My wife's dad died in a similar fashion.  He got out of his van with the engine running.  He had just backed the van up and did not realize it was still in reverse.  When he got out, the door hit him as the van rolled back knocking him to the ground.  The van did not crush him, but it did roll up on him enough  to trap him and cut off his air.  The coroner's report said that he died quickly--possibly less than 10 minutes.  It took a couple of hours for someone to find him as he was out on a country back road.


I might have decided, or maybe not, that I should or shouldn't, depending on the issue or non-issue, to possibly share or not share, any thoughts, opinions, or facts (that might not be deemed factual by some), due to possible fear of any misinterpretation or retribution.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Trek actor dies   

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Star Trek actor dies
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