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 Other service.

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PostSubject: Other service.   Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:15 am

This morning I went with a friend to her church.
Our hubbies are on the way to Italy to climb some mountains there this week
So we decided to go to church together.

Wow, this church has a very rockin' praise band, with therr guitarist, a drummer, a keyboard player and a bassist.
I was surprised to hear they sing Fee in this church.

The message of this morning was to renew your thoughts.
God will help us to change our old think patterns.

It's sometimes refreshing to visit an other congregation.
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PostSubject: Re: Other service.   Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:19 am

rockerVu2 wrote:

It's sometimes refreshing to visit an other congregation.

I agree, It is good to visit another church occasionally. Thumbs Up
But I really miss my home church, even if I am gone away for only one Sunday.

"I used to be indecisive.......... Now I'm not sure."
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PostSubject: Re: Other service.   Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:14 am

It's funny seeing what different churches are like. I went to one back in '93, and the guy up the front had 3 hats in his hand. He threw the first one out into the congregation (of about 500 people) and when someone caught it he said "I'd like you to pray for the country that hat is connected to." Now everyone knew what he was going to say when someone caught the hat. So when he threw the second one everyone moved out the way! And when someone did pick it up they just passed it around (like a hot potato) until finally it landed in the youth workers lap - and he couldn't really say no!


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Three Things for a better life...
1 - Believe In Jesus.
2 - Love one another.
3 - Let God be the judge.

That is all I need to say.
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PostSubject: Re: Other service.   Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:07 am

It is good to step out of the same old routine in life every once and a while--even with your church. We get stagnant from lack of change. Going and visiting a new church should help you to miss your own and appreciate it more. But, be careful--sometimes people will fall in love with the new church and decide to change.


I might have decided, or maybe not, that I should or shouldn't, depending on the issue or non-issue, to possibly share or not share, any thoughts, opinions, or facts (that might not be deemed factual by some), due to possible fear of any misinterpretation or retribution.
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PostSubject: Re: Other service.   

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Other service.
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