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 Your thoughts about God.

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PostSubject: Your thoughts about God.   Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:11 am

We believe in God, yes as Christians we do that.
What are your thoughts about God?
Do you know Him better and better to read in the Bible, to listen to sermons in church to the Bible studies, to the prayers?
To read in Christian study books?
Are that things you know God better?
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PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts about God.   Fri Jun 22, 2007 2:26 pm

Reading the bible has been a great start, but not enough for me to get to know God and his purpose for us. It seems I have learned more about God by fellowship with his followers.
My small men's group has really helped me with this.


"I used to be indecisive.......... Now I'm not sure."
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PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts about God.   Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:01 pm

For many yearsI have thought God loved any one else except me.

I have felt for many years that God wasn't near me.

As kid there happened some things that changed my life.

This followed me for many many long years.

Depression and deep inferioriy feelings are some parts of it.

I never felt God close to me and thought it happened because I did something that God made mad at me.

Once I cried out to God WHY have You let this happen???

After I was baptized about 9 years ago it started.

God used others in my life to make me aware of these things.

I have always felt there was something that needed to be solved but didn't know exactly what it was.

With an enourmous patient God started to open my eyes.

It took many years before I was able to see what the problems were.

Step by step God showed me and used others to open my eyes for my problems.

God showed me the source of the problems.

God was so patient with me when I wasn't able to see it.

Or gave it up because I couldn't see it.

He brought someone in my life to give some these things a name.

Some names shocked me so much.

Slowly my trust in God growed.

He showed me how to change the stronghold of my negative thoughts. To give me postive thoughts about myself.

he used sermons, prophecies to show me His healing.

Now I can bring my circumstances to God.

To tell Him what and how I feel.

And I feel the miracle that what I bring in prayer to God is changing. Yes believe me.

Now I am able to bring my moods or the things I struggle with to God.

I noticed that when I feel gloomy or there are others things I struggle
with and I bring them in prayer to God they dissapear. Yes they really

It took me years before I was able to bring these things in prayer to God.

It always felt like the big waves of the sea took me with them and I couldn't stop it.

It really helps when you struggle with things to bring them in prayer to God.

Yes. believe me, you have to try it.

Slowly God showed me His Son Jesus died on the cross for all the things I had to came through too.

God used others to help me, to open my eyes for circumstances, to change things.

I am on the good way now.

There still are struggles and difficult things but I am aware now to to deal with them.

I am still introvert for others.

When you "get my trust" I am faithfull and don't feel the need to hide who I am. Then I can be myself.

My family, people in church saw how I changed. How His love healed the pain. It's
a miracle how God's love can take away all these tough things in a life
like mine.

"Father I am deep gratefull for the fact You never let me go

how depressed or gloomy I was.

You showed me how to deal with the deep problems of my


You showed me You really love me.

You cared for me when I wasn't able to care for myself.

You let me not drowned in the waves of the sea or the


You gave me hope and a future.

You unveiled my eyes, You unveiled my ears, You unveiled

my heart so I can see You now as a loving Father even for

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PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts about God.   Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:28 am

And now God is using you to be an inspiration to me, thank you for sharing that with us avdb11 as I have struggled with similar things in my past.
God is always faithful to see us through even when we "feel" He is no where to be found. We must never rely on feelings, no matter what... we should always rely directly on God's word and His promises found in His word... regardless of how we feel. I've screamed "where are you God !!!??" and yet He was right next to me, probably saying "whoa, hey, you don't have to yell, I'm right here."

I thank and praise Him for being there thru all past, current and future struggles. He is great and worthy to be praised !
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PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts about God.   Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:43 pm

Thank you for the beautiful posts. They are very touching.
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PostSubject: Re: Your thoughts about God.   

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Your thoughts about God.
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